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Very best food and drink...

served 7 days a week

From the finest quality coffee to classic cocktails and tasty tapas, Central42 offers the very best food and drink, seven days a week. Food is served from 9am - 9pm Monday - Saturday and 10am - 9pm on Sunday.

We serve the Nespresso coffee range - famously advertised by Hollywood actor George Clooney and recognised as being one the finest tasting coffees in the world.

Full of fresh ingredients and wonderful flavours, our evening tapas menu has been developed by a highly-respected and experienced food consultant, with the restaurant run by a team boasting years of experience at leading eateries.

At night our cocktail bar comes to life, serving an extensive list of delightful drinks specifically created only for Central42 by a leading UK mixologist – ensuring our offering is one you can’t get anywhere else in East Yorkshire.

Try our ‘smoking sharers’ - guaranteed to get your party started – or our classic cocktails with a twist.